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Having a case in a Family Law court can be a very difficult experience. Many of the cases involve divorce, alimony, child custody, child support, and paternity. These things bring sadness and heartaches themselves but the task of going to court brings on more stress and headaches. It is only after the divorce attorney has settled the case when peace and happiness tend to make their way back into our lives.



Beyond the considerable emotional pain,

The end of a marriage is legally complex. Consult a lawyer if your marriage is ending. You will need sound professional advise to determine child custody, financial support, and to make a fair division of the property of the marital community.



Custody can be one of the most complicated and emotional issues involved in a dissolution of marriage.

Children can become a divorce's unseen and unheard victims. The court is responsible for protecting the children's well-being, even if doing so conflicts with the wishes of either or both of the parents. Often the children have no representation in the courtroom, so the Judge must use his or her knowledge and experience to determine what is best for the children. To that end, the court relies on evidence about the parents and the children in an attempt make orders that cause the least disruption in the children's life.

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