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Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys
Personal injury law is based upon the concept that an individual, a business entity or a government has a duty to behave in a responsible fashion toward others. A reasonable person takes care to act in a manner which is not going to endanger or injure another person. Various laws, for example traffic laws, are enacted to ensure that traffic can move along in an orderly and safe way as long as each driver observes the laws and behaves in a reasonable manner. When a person or entity behaves in an unreasonable way ignoring the safety of others and because of this another person is injured, the damage done must be corrected. This means monetary compensation is paid by the at-fault person or entity to the injured party to make up the damage done. A personal injury attorney at the firm is here to assist an injured person to obtain justice.
Bazan Huerta & Associates is successful in resolving claims involving car accidents, uninsured/underinsured motorist, drunk driving accidents, truck accidents, tractor trailer accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating injuries, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, bus accidents, broken bones, back/spine injuries, burn injuries, traumatically induced TMJ, traumatically induced fibromyalgia, concussions, catastrophic injuries, construction accidents, defective products, food poisoning,food allergy, dog bites, drowning accidents, nursing home abuse, elder abuse / discrimination, premises liability, slip & fall, trip and fall, swimming pool accidents, and wrongful death claims. We are very familiar with how to best support our clients' cases with regard to proving negligence and in pursuing the personal injury settlement they truly deserve. We know exactly how the insurance claims process works and how to negotiate and press the insurance company to come through with a fair settlement.
Obtaining the compensation you deserve is not an automatic process. Claims damages are generally vigorously disputed by the insurer of the liable party. In fact a fast offer of settlement is typically made by an insurance company to avoid having to pay a much larger amount which is rightfully owed. It is most important to select a personal injury lawyer who is a respected litigator, has considerable resources and is fully willing to go toe-to-toe with a defendant, no matter how large the corporation, when necessary to see justice done. Call for a free consultation.

A person who suffers injury because of another’s negligence generally has a number of expenses and losses directly stemming from the injury, such as pain and suffering, medical expenses, emotional suffering, loss of consortium and lost income.

Obtaining the compensation you deserve is not an automatic process. Claims damages are generally vigorously disputed by the insurer of the liable party.
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